Friday, June 6, 2014


We had a very productive weekend at The Manor recently. Jeremy's parents, Mike & Julie, drove from Kansas City to help out on Saturday. We also had help from my dad, sister, brother-in-law & was quite the (motley) crew. I have decided that I will only work on the house with a crew of at least 7 from now on. Hey, a girl can dream.

First of all, remember this picture from the last post?...the things that were "just popping up".

2 weeks later & YOU IN THE JUNGLE BABY! The foliage around this place never cease to amaze me, I swear.

I was going to pull out the weeds but this little area looks like the Taj Mahal for snakes so they'll just have to stay there for a while.

I did, however, get to play foreman for a day (my true calling in life) and give everyone their own little "assignment".

Dad's job was to install the door in the more ugly plastic!

I bought this door off an online auction for 12 bucks last year knowing I would probably need a door at some point in the reno of the house. It only needed a half inch cut off the side and bottom...impeccable planning skills or dumb luck? I'll never tell. ;)

Mike & Jeremy's job was the porch. Every beam was completely rotton at the bottom & needed to be repaired. This was no easy project but they got them all finished & it looks so much better...and our porch will not fall in! Yeah!

The rest of us worked on windows. You would think 4 people working on windows would be plenty but I found out pretty quickly that I needed an army for that project. The paint & glaze on the windows were spot welded on...LOTS of scraping! Poor Julie scraped the big window on the front of the house all day was pretty bad.

Did I mention it was 150 degrees outside? Being the great foreman that I am I look out for my crew so I bought this at the local hardware store. works. :)

Sunday we were able to slap some paint on the windows before we headed out. BEHOLD! THE POWER OF PAINT COMPELS ME!

It's amazing what a little white paint & Windex will do. My sister...the queen of clean!

So I basically have 2 windows that do not match the rest of the house & the realization that I'm going to be scraping trim until I'm 60 but that's's nice to see a little "glimpse" of what's to come.

PS-It was not all work last weekend...I got to celebrate with my niece for her 13th birthday. Officially feel OLD.

PSS-But I am still taller!